The collection of essays #political presents our efforts to bring together the writings of some of the distinguished scholars who were part of the Faculty of Media and Communications’ international academic network in the last decade. Combining rigorous scholarly assessment of the #political, the editors aimed to establish a new and innovative platform to critically rethink the problem of the normative, highly systematized, and normalized notion of political subjectivities that determine the existing imaginaries for social change, as well as to re-negotiate the new political imagination and reshape the definition and scope of the ‘political’. Furthermore, we aspired to re-articulate the concepts of gender, sexuality, race, peace and class, and finally to analyse the impact and potentialities of politics of unlearning/undoing on systemic stability, aggregates of knowledge, institutions, discourses of sameness, and human exceptionalism. This collection consists of three thematic blocks devoted to the theoretical rethinking of the relations between the notion of the political and the politics of resistance, critical political studies, politics of affects and alike. In that view, the thematic blocks are titled accordingly: #resistancepolitical, #affectivepolitical and #criticalpolitical. As a whole, the collection aims to give prominent samples of current interdisciplinary research in the field of critical political studies.

Jelisaveta Blagojević, filozofkinja i politikolog, angažovana i na poljima rodnih studija, kvir teorije, studija kulture. Bavi se odnosom politike i mišljenja u savremenom svetu, svetu u kojem je sve postalo zamislivo osim ideja promene – ideja da postojeće društvene hijerarhije nisu nepromenljive, da se sveprisutni kapitalizam može dovesti u pitanje.

Mirjana Stošić, teoretičarka književnosti i medija, čije polje istraživanja se širi i na semiologiju, studije kulture, studije Balkana, kritičku teorija, politike tela i teorije monstruma.

Orli Fridman, predavačica, aktivistkinja i istoričarka Bliskog istoka, angažovana na poljima političke edukacije, mirovnih studija, studija konflikta i studija sećanja.

Editorial: J. Blagojević, M. Stošić, O. Fridman
/ Epilogue – from ‘Gray Space’ to Equal ‘Metrozenship’?: Oren Yiftachel
/ Learning In and From International Relations: Maxine David
/ Communicative Capitalism and Class Struggle: Jodi Dean
/ The Location of Resistance: Persistence is its Nest: Katerina Kolozova
/ Foucault’s Fossils: Lynne Huffer
/ Digital Automation and Affect: Luciana Parisi
/ Structures of Unfeeling – Mysterious Skin: Lauren Berlant
/ First chapter from the book An Archive of Feelings: Ann Cvetkovich
/ DISTITLED: Queering Identity, Shame and Community: Slavčo Dimitrov
/ Receptive Solidarity – Conceptual Addendum to the Political Art of Boryana Rossa and Oleg Mavromatti: Stanimir Panayotov
/ Mirror – Magic Box of the Modern Ego: Elisabeth von Samsonow
/ Carriance, Copoiesis and the Subreal: Bracha Ettinger
/ Deviant Teaching: David M. Halperin
/ A Path So Twisted: Thinking Wildly With and Through Punk Feminisms: Jack Halberstam
/ Unnamed Sedgwick: Essay for Criticism: Lee Edelman
/ Queer, Politics, Racism and Resistance: Marina Gržinić
/ Surplus of Paradoxes: Antke Engel
/ A Smutty Hearth: Children and the Domestic Dangers of Pornography: Sussanna Paasonen
/ Steampunk Practices: Time, Tactility, and a Racial Politics of Touch: Jenni Sundén
/ Pandora the Child and the Technical Ghost of the Future: Boyan Manchev
/ Means of Destruction: Gil Anidjar

Edicija: Collectanea
Jezik: engleski
Grafičko oblikovanje: Borut Vild

Obim: 438 strana
Format: 16 x 23,5 cm
Povez: broširan

Godina izdanja: 2017.
ISBN 978-86-87107-77-9


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